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May 16th, 2009 (02:08 pm)

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Hibari Kyouya
Series: Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Universe: OU
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Powers & Abilities: Very strong fighting prowess, usually using tonfas. Uses theCLoud Vongola Ring as the CLoud Guardian, and his box animal is the Cloud Hedgehog, a more advanced version of which can be used with the Cloud Vongola Box. Has a very large amount of Dying Will Flame.
Point of canon to be drawn from: Chapter 238
Personality: Very reclusive, hates crowding and uses his status as the Head Prefect of the Namimori Middle School Disciplinary Committee to control the school and harass the students, which he terms as 'herbivores'. Respects strength, likes fighting against strong opponents and hates to lose. His catchphrase is 'I'll bite you to death' and is used in a lot of situations, even some where there is apparently no need. His eagerness for a rematch with Rokudo Mukuro and an opportunity for a fight with Reborn seem to be the motivation behind joining Sawada's Family as the Cloud Guardian.
Tousled, longish black hair and unusual slanted blue eyes in a pale face. Lean, bordering on skinny, and approximately 5'6"/169cm. Wears an alternative Japanese uniform, with white shirt, black tie and black high-collared uniform jacket draped over his shoulders with the Disciplinary Committee armband pinned to the left sleeve. Usually seen with the bird he tamed, nicknamed 'Hibird' and has the school song as his mobile ringtone.

Hibari is a violent delinquent seen around Namimori as a force to be reckoned with, having influence with the teachers of the middle school and even the director of the local hospital!

He uses his influence to harass his fellow students, most of whom he refers to as 'herbivores', but his interest is piqued by the strange group formed by Sawada, Gokudera and Yamamoto, especially when Sawada's strong home tutor appears. Hibari takes more interest in the group, careful not to let it show, inwardly eager for a match against Reborn.

He becomes more involved with the group when suddenly students from the middle school are being attacked and their teeth being removed. He goes to find the source of the problem and ends up being defeated by a combination of a very strong illusionist and his suddenly contracted disease meaning he can't bear the sight of sakura. He is found later though, by Gokudera, after his location is revealed by the bird that Hibari managed to tame during his confinement singing the school song Hibari keeps as his ringtone. Although, quite heavily wounded, Hibari defeats the subordinates of Rokudo Mukuro, the illusionist, and goes to fight Mukuro himself. He is quickly knocked down again however and his body possessed for a brief time in order to fight against Sawada.

Once Rokudo has been dealt with, there is only a short time before more fighting begins, this time for the acquisition of the Vongola Famiglia mafia rings and Sawada's title as 10th generation boss-to-be of the Vongola. Sawada's father, Iemitsu, as the Family's External Advisor, hands out the rings to prospective Guardians, including Hibari as the Cloud Guardian. However, the only threat Hibari sees in the whole matter is the the disruptance to his discipline in the town and he is trained by Bucking Bronco' Dino, head of one of the Vongola's allied Families, trains him to become stronger [and from reference from the future arc,also how to properly use his Cloud ring if necessary].

When Hibari hears of the damage being dealt to the school in the other matches, he quickly arrives, taking out a team of subordinates belonging to the other side's prospective Thunder Guardian, and threatens to beat everybody there, including Sawada's group, for messing up the school. However, he's deterred with the promise of a future match with Rokudo Mukuro, his defeat at whose hands Hibari still takes great insult from. When Hibari's cloud matchapproaches, he beats the opponent within moments and hands over the Cloud ring to the referees claimgin that he didn't need it. He was also the first Guardian to break free and take the antidote to the poison administered to all Guardians in the Sky match and helped Gokudera recover by flicking the Storm ring [originally taken by Belphegor of the Varia] up to his position, consquently leading to the rest of the Guardians being helped.

In the Ten Years Later arc, the younger version of Hibari appears during a match between his older self and Genkishi, the Phantom Knight of the Millefiore Famiglia. He is met by his second from the Disciplinary Committee, only ten years older now, and the remnants of Sawada's group that had been missing in the previous era. Upon confirmation that Genkishi was the one to take out Yamamoto, Hibari instantly moves into a fighting stance without the use of rings and boxes. He is quickly set right, with help from Kusakabe and remembering that Dino had previously told him to keephold of the Cloud ring after the very end of the ring matches and a brief lecture on how to use his irritation [the same thing as resolve to Hibari] to light the Dying Will flame and open his Cloud Hedgehog box. The massive amount of flame he emanates makes the hedgehog act as if drunk, accidentally spearing Hibari's hand with one of it's spikes and out of shoc, it grew to enormous size, proportionate to the amount of flame it received.

The group quickly escape and Hibari had to fend off a wall closing in on them using his tonfas and his Cloud flame. It's later learned that the older Hibari was in on a stop ecret scheme with the older Sawada and Irie Shouchi to bring the younger versions of themselves to the future in order to defeat Byakuren of Millefiore. They are given the Vongola boxes, for exclusive use with the Vongola rings and train for the upcoming battle against the real Six Funeral Wreaths. Hibari's Vongola box includes a more advanced version of his Cloud Hedgehog.

Third Person:

Opening his eyes slowly, enough to let the sunlight filter through, Hibari sat up and looked around impassively. He appeared to be lying in a field, although he had no memory of even going there, and the last conscious thought he remembered was of a blinding light as if from a huge camera flash seeming to absorb him and his whole body.

Furthermore, the landscape looked nothing like Namimori or even the surroundings of the town, so where...?

He looked up at a loud shout from somewhere behind him and, turning, saw a footpath and a man running towards him. Jumping to his feet, he brought out his tonfas, getting into a battle-ready stance. He was about to strike until-

'Whoa, whoa, man, calm down. You must be one of them, right?' The man stopped and held out his hands a short distance away. He was nonedescript but oozing enthusiasm; hibaritook an isntant, relfexive dislike to him, but he lowered the tonfas a fraction.

'...Tham?' He asked warily. 'Where am I? This isn't Namimori.'

'No, no. See, people have been droppin' from the skies or showin' up in weird places for a couple days now,' said the man, shrugging. 'You got as much idea as we do, man, jus' we gotta show people to the shelters they set up for people like you, I'll-'

'You didn't answer the question. Where is this?' Hibari was really pissed off now and the confusion and niggling feeling at the back of his head he refused to admit could be fear were inflaming the situation.

'Mm, you're just outside Sur. Coulda ended up in a better place, but they got shelters same as the rest.' The stranger looked at Hibari appraisingly for a moment. 'You like like you can take care o' yourself, man, but you still shouldn't wander by yourself if you've only just arrived here.' He shrugged again. 'What the hell, I got time and you need someone to show you 'round, right? Follow me, man.'

The stranger turned to leave and walked off a short distance before he realised he wasn't being followed. Turning, he called out to Hibari, who was still standing motionless with his tonfas raised and suspicious glare aimed at the other.

'Oii, man, you cant stay here. Listen, others from where you're from might be here, don't you wanna find 'em?'

Slowly Hibari put his tonfas away, deliberating over his choices. The chances were higher of him being sent back from wherever the hell this was if there was someone nearby who had a clue but weighed against the possibility of being shoved into a crowd, like a herd of herbivores- His reasoning was cut off as he yawned hugely, barely covering it with his hand. That was that. Hopefully there was somewhere spacious and solitary to at least sleep in.

Grudgingly, he nodded at the stranger, who grinned and resumed walking. At a distance, Hibari followed.

Journal Post:
Hmmf, I seemed to have strayed into a herd of herbivores crowding where they're not wanted.

Any of you want to be bitten to death? Who wants to go first?

[yawns] Tch, I guess none of you are up to it. Go wander around until you die.