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hibari kyouya

bite you to death

[765363] Hibari Kyouya
- Threadhopping with this character - yes/no/other?: Not really, please.
- Backtagging with this character - yes/no/other?: Two posts back max.
- Hugging this character?: Hell no. Hibari has a personal bubble about five metres in any direction.
- Giving this character a kiss?: Unless you're playing Dino No
- Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Again, if you can get close enough.
- Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: Sakura/cherry blossoms. Unless you really want a fight.
- Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? Special physical features, fighting abilities, STUFF: He's very physically capable of kicking your ass, has wicked lookin' tonfas and on top that, he has his Vongola Cloud ring with him.
- Anything else, please mention here: Don't crowd him ♥